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Hello. I started this Web site to see what responses I would have with Photo's that I had taken over the years.  Would like commits if you would like to purchase a photo or two for back ground for your computer or for framing.  Let me know if the photo is good enough to be used, will be emailing a high quality photo to you as a 9-12 meg JPEG. The ones on this site are just for viewing.   Feel free to use our contact page to contact us.

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My story and sticking to it.

I started Photography as a hobby back in the 70's while serving in the Army.  Enjoyed the traveling and taking photo's from an OH-58C for almost six years.  Then ended up serving till retiring with the Military.  Completed College after attending for 27 years with a total of 181 college credits for a single major with 5 University's in state and 3 out of state.  Hoping on continuing my education and hopefully getting my Doctorates before I reach the age of 92 (my goal of course).  I am a goal ordinated person and of course my creativity outlet is  photography.

-Paul Kroenke

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